A Mindful Pregnancy: 5 tips for getting through the third trimester

Woohoo you’re nearly there! But I know that having your baby in your arms can still feel a long way off as you enter your third trimester.

I can remember feeling on the verge of a completely life altering experience. I knew things were going to change but not exactly what that change would feel or look like. Cue bouts of excited anticipation and bouts of sheer panic!

Here are some of the things I wish I’d known or that I found useful during my last 3 months of pregnancy.

1. Make time everyday to appreciate being pregnant

Bear with me on this one, being heavily pregnant is not always easy and it is so tempting to wish the last few weeks away. But, I definitely felt unprepared for how much I would instantly miss having Ivy safe in my tummy the day after I’d given birth.

Make time to take pictures of your bump, take videos of your baby moving in your tummy, run a candlelit bath to relax and to savour the genuinely magical experience of being one with your baby, write in your diary or journal about how you are feeling or try mediating and focusing on the amazing journey that you and your baby will soon be taking together.

2. Ignore people who tell you horror stories

Be it pregnancy horror stories, birth horror stories, new baby didn’t sleep for seven years horror stories…do your best to not dwell on what you hear.

People love to share their experience or a story they’ve heard because people like to feel useful and are scared of silence.

You get to choose what advice to hold on to. Think about who is giving you the advice (trusted family member vs random stranger in Tesco) and remember your experience will be your experience and it will be unique just to you.

I found reading books about positive pregnancies and births really useful for counteracting any negative stories I’d heard. I’ll share them at the end of the post.

3. Get some support (literally)

By the third trimester my back and hips were pretty achy. Sitting on a birth ball in the evenings or at my desk (I luckily work from home mainly so didn’t get any funny looks!) was so helpful for relieving pressure. Likewise, investing in a belly support band as my bump got bigger was a game changer!

4. Look after future you

During my third trimester I was obsessed with planning for birth. Almost as if once birth was complete my job would be done! But planning to make sure you and your partner are looked after once baby arrives is important too.

The first few weeks with a newborn are weeks like no other. You could try batch cooking and freezing healthy meals now, making a list of films/tv seasons you have wanted to catch up on (we watched a lot of friends), stock up on nice pyjamas to lounge around in and make sure you have supplies of your favourite toiletries ready to go.

Be kind to future “just had a baby” you 🙂

5. Bring it back to now

A new baby whether it’s your first or your fifth will change your life. I often found myself getting caught up with racing thoughts that my life was about to change massively but I had no idea exactly how it would be.

Going to antenatal classes, reading up about the different stages of birth all helped me to feel prepared for what was to come.

But, when a wave of anxiety or panic started to take over asking myself “are you ok right now?” helped me to feel calmer. If that didn’t help, running my hands under cold running water helped me to focus on the present.

Also remembering that even when the baby arrives, you don’t have to do it all at once. You will be taking it one feed, one nappy and one sleep at a time.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and please feel free to share them with anyone who may find them helpful. Anything that got you through third trimester? Share it in the comments below 🙂

As ever, thank you for reading.


Chrissy x

Favourite books:

Mindful Birthing: Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth


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