A Mindful Pregnancy: 5 tips for getting through the second trimester

Getting to the second trimester can feel like a real milestone. Risk is somewhat reduced and often this is the time that you might choose to share your news with others. Also, if you’ve been feeling sick then (fingers crossed!) you might be starting to feel a bit better.

Although my sickness didn’t disappear until around week 16, I loved the second trimester of my pregnancy so much – my bump made an appearance, I felt our baby move in my tummy and I finally felt like I had some energy.

Even though I loved my second trimester, here are some of the things I wish I’d known or that I found useful:

1. Buy maternity clothes before you need them

I left it until my “normal” clothes were pretty tight before investing in maternity clothes. As soon as I started wearing my maternity clothes I was seriously annoyed with myself that I hadn’t started wearing them sooner – they are so comfy!

I’d advise getting some key pieces in ready for that moment when your regular clothes are just that little bit too tight!

My favourite key pieces were Topshop Joni over the bump jeans, H&M maternity t-shirts, ASOS pencil skirts and work dresses and Boots maternity tights. I also got some real bargains off eBay.

2. You don’t need to get everything ready for the baby RIGHT NOW

I can vividly remember feeling very pressured to have everything in place. I had a bit of a breakdown 4 months before our baby was even born because we didn’t have a cot in the nursery. Our baby is 6 months old now and still hasn’t slept in her cot so take it from me, don’t stress 😅

Our friends who are expecting, told us that they try to pick up one thing for the baby every time they do a shop. I think this is such a great idea. Not only does it help spread the cost, doing this can also help you to feel like you are getting organised.

3. Facebook marketplace is your friend

I know some people will prefer to get everything brand new. But for those who can’t or for those who don’t mind second hand I have found Facebook marketplace to be really useful.

The main benefit I have found of this over other second hand sites is that because the items are local to you, you can go and have a look at the item (with permission) before you commit to buying. Plus you can often haggle to get a better price!

It also lessens the blow if your baby isn’t overly bothered with your purchase if you haven’t spent a lot of money on it!

4. Make time for you and your partner

Make the most of your (hopefully!) renewed energy and plan fun things to do. I’d recommend doing things that become a bit more difficult to do once the baby is here like going to the cinema!

5. Talk to your baby as much as you can

This is something that is recommended by midwives to help you to create a bond with your baby. I tried to do this from as early as possible but I have to admit that it became easier once I could feel our baby moving in my tummy.

I loved playing music to my bump, reading to my bump (I just read whatever book I was reading aloud so she could hear my voice) and I loved talking to my bump in the bath and watching my tummy move.

We decided on a name quite soon after we found out we were having a girl, so I would often call our baby by her name while she was in my tummy. But I appreciate this is difficult if you are keeping their gender a surprise!

Also, because my husband had spoken to my bump all the time, our baby recognised his voice when she was born!

I hope these you have found these tips useful and I would love it if you could share these with anyone who might like to read them.

Do you have any other tips that are helping or helped you to get you through your second trimester? Please share them below 🙂

As always thanks for reading.


Chrissy x

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