A Mindful Pregnancy: 5 tips for getting through the first trimester

The 16th of December is a date that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. This was the date that I found out that after ten years together, Ollie and I were expecting our first baby!

The first three months were interesting to say the least. I suffered badly with morning sickness and fatigue, which was pretty stressful by itself but this was coupled with trying to facilitate moving back to our hometown in North Wales at the same time whilst commuting to London once a week.

At times, everything felt very overwhelming. Without a doubt, practicing mindfulness was a saving grace during this period. Pregnancy alone can bring up a strange mix of emotions – who knew it was possible to feel so terrified and so excited all at the same time?!

These are some of the ways in which mindfulness helped to me to feel more in control during my first trimester:

1.I really had to remind myself that thoughts are not facts during the first 12 weeks. The early weeks feel so fragile and I found myself worrying about what could go wrong. So I would look for the evidence that everything was ok to try and calm my thoughts.

2.We purposefully decided to tell a few people relatively early to make sure that we had support. It was really important for me to feel able to talk and gain reassurance. I appreciate this approach won’t be for everyone, but I recognised that this approach would help me and I definitely appreciated having that support available.

3.I tried to interrupt negative emotions with gratitude. This was especially helpful when I was feeling really unwell with morning sickness. I made a conscious effort to thank my body for helping me to create a new life and to thank our little baby for doing their best to grow.

4.I listened to my body and what it needed in the moment. My appetite was all over the place during the first trimester and it was like starting from scratch with my food preferences. But I decided to just go with it, which led me to mainly eating special k cereal with ice cold milk for weeks on end. My iron levels were fab for doing this!

5.It’s was so tempting to wish the weeks away to get to week 12, but I knew that no amount of wishing would speed up time. So to try and make myself feel like I was making progress everyday I started a daily routine where I would take my pregnancy vitamin and read the daily update on my pregnancy app. These small acts gave me something to focus on each day as the weeks passed and also helped me to feel more informed about the changes my body and baba were going through.

I hope these reflections are helpful for anyone in their first trimester and if you have any advice or tips from your pregnancy that helped you to get through, please do comment below!

Look out for posts coming soon on how mindfulness helped me during my second and third trimesters too.

Thanks you as always for reading!



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