Book Review: Style Your Mind by Cara Alwill Leyba

I have been a huge fan of Cara Alwill Leyba (also known as The Champagne Diet) for a few years now. Cara is a best selling author and master life coach and in my opinion a true inspiration to women everywhere! I was so excited when I heard that Cara had released a workbook and lifestyle guide for women who wanted to make a change in their life using the life coaching process .

Investing in a life or business coach can be a very expensive process and a scary decision to make if you’re not super clear about the change that you want to make in your life. The Style your Mind workbook offers an affordable chance to develop your thoughts and to be inspired.

Although a more affordable introduction to life coaching, working through Style your Mind still feels like a luxurious experience. I made sure that I invested in a nice glittery gel pen ;), grabbed a hot chocolate and made sure I wouldn’t be disturbed. For me working through this book offered me a chance to really set aside some time for myself to reflect and to plan what kind of woman I want to be.

I really enjoyed taking time to create my vision of how I want to be. The questions included in Style your Mind gently challenge you to question just what it is you want from your life and it encourages you to be as wild and as extravagant as you can be with your dreams which I absolutely loved.

A lot of the workbook is also spent working through any blocks that might be stopping us from reaching our goals and I love the way that this is done with self-compassion in mind. I know I spend a lot of time beating myself up for not being a certain way or for reaching certain milestones, but this book helped me to set productive goals that helped me to stay on track.


Photo: Cara Alwill Leyba

Another thing I really liked about this workbook was that Cara provides 30 days worth of “Things to Think About” as well as the coaching exercises. The act of setting aside some time each day to think mindfully about things like “How have you grown this week?” or  “What needs to shift in order to live your dream life?” is really refreshing and it feels like you’re really taking purposeful action to think about what’s important to you.

After completing Style your Mind I made the decision to invest in some life coaching that I found really rewarding for getting clear about what I wanted to do post PhD. I definitely think that completing this workbook helped me to feel confident enough to invest in myself on a larger scale.

I look forward to working through it again at the start of 2018 to set my intentions for the next year!

Have you worked through Style your Mind? Or can you recommend any other coaching workbooks that you’ve found useful? Get in touch I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “Book Review: Style Your Mind by Cara Alwill Leyba

  1. this sounds so amazing. Is it crazy to say that I’ve never heard of this before? I’ve seen it in instagram pictures, but never really looked into it. Before your post ended, I added this book to my Amazon Wish List. Great post xxx

    Melina |


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