Why I decided to become a vegetarian.

Three months ago I made the decision to follow a vegetarian diet. For me this means no meat, no fish and no gelatin (which is a particular loss considering my favourite sweets ever are jelly tots!).

A few people have questioned why I became vegetarian so I thought I would share my reasons. Saying that, this isn’t me judging anyone who chooses to eat meat but sharing my experience incase I can encourage anyone else who has been considering a vegetarian diet or considering a diet with less meat.

As the title of my blog suggests, I am trying to live more mindfully. The main area that I struggle with being mindful about is my food. For a long time hearing about or thinking about where the meat on my plate came from would make me feel extremely uncomfortable and thinking about the fact that I was eating the flesh of an animal that couldn’t consent to being killed for my popcorn chicken or cheeseburger (if they could talk would then consent then?…pretty sure it’s a no) made me nauseous.

So to get around this I would purposefully eat meat mindlessly, I just wouldn’t think about the journey that the piece of meat had made to appear on my plate. I recently really freaked myself out with the thought that the animal on my plate had a mother and father and here I was eating their kid as part of my Saturday night takeaway. 

These things aren’t nice to think about and I’m not saying it to try and make anyone feel guilty as such. But if thinking these thoughts does make you feel a bit weird, why not consider trying to cut down on eating meat if this is an option for you?
I’ve got to say that since becoming veggie I feel so much happier and at peace with what I eat. I would never judge anyone for what they choose to eat as I know that I could still do more, for example hearing about the dairy industry should be enough to put you off milk for life, but I hope that taking this first step to mindfully reduce my impact on animals is a step in the right direction. We can all make steps to make a difference, such as having a meat free Monday. It all helps.

I’d love to hear from you and please share any of your favourite veggie recipes with me – I would love to experiment more with my food 🙂 Later this week I plan on publishing a post about the benefits of following a vegetarian diet, so keep a look out for that if you’re interested. 

As always, thanks for reading.


Chrissy x

More info:

Find some of my favourite (veggie & vegan) recipes here 



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