[Mindful Mondays #15] Why following your passion takes work and commitment with Beth Jones, weightlifter and fitness fan

Happy Monday guys, I hope my UK readers are enjoying their bank holiday! I am taking the extra day off to visit my family in Wales 🙂

This week my guest is Beth, from North Wales. I have known Beth for nearly ten years and I am so impressed with her dedication to her passion of fitness and weightlifting. I also absolutely love her happy and positive attitude! I hope you enjoy reading her post 🙂

Hey I’m Beth and my passion is weight lifting…or lifting anything really!

I’ve recently changed to weightlifting having done mainly power-lifting before. The difference is the lifts – power-lifting has three main lifts which include the deadlift, squat and bench. Where as weightlifting includes two main lifts which are the snatch and clean and jerk.

I first started the gym around four to five years ago. I just went to a normal gym, and did some classes. Having met my boyfriend who was into bodybuilding I started training alongside him doing more weights, and I absolutely fell in love with it! Something just clicked! Now with training along side my boyfriend I became quite reliant on him, but with him being a PT it was hard to train together. Now what this taught me was to stop relying on him or any training partner to go and do my session, the only person who could do it was me.


I find that if you are truly passionate about something nothing will stop you. It’s made me grow a lot as a person, possibly more than I realise. It’s made me confident, I do most things on my own, and I rely on myself to get it done. Now that I’m training in Llandudno (which is around 40 minutes away from where I live) this is another boundary that I have to face when getting my session done. But again I love what I do and not much really can stop me!

My final words about passion are, don’t chase others and what they are passionate about. It’s doesn’t work like that. You will find friends who share the same passion and it’s the best feeling…follow what you enjoy and fall in love with the process x

Thanks again to Beth for taking the time to write about her passion, I completely agree with her advice to follow what you enjoy and this is how passions are formed!

Thank you as always for reading.

Until next week!


Chrissy x


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