[Mindful Mondays #12] Moving across the USA in the search for a passion filled life with Rose Marie, waitress and budding entrepreneur

Happy Monday lovely people! I hope you have all had a great week. I am so excited to share this week’s guest post as Rose Marie talks about making the decision to move over 2,500 miles away from home in Virginia to LA in search of leading a happy and fulfilled life. I think that this is amazing and I really admire Rose Marie’s commitment to living a life that makes her feel good.

Halfway through 2011, I was approaching my 24th birthday and feeling decidedly nonpassionate. I had an administrative job at my alma mater, which after two years had bored me to the point of tears. The pay was great and I was only a few hours drive from my family, but my emotional health was declining and by November, I knew that I needed to move on.

I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started focusing on how I wanted to feel. I felt passionately that I needed to live somewhere more diverse and open minded than my small town in Central Virginia. I felt that sitting in an office 8 hours a day for one more year would kill me. So I quit my job and I moved to Los Angeles.

I was elated the second I made the decision. My family and friends were concerned since I’d be all alone across the country. Their worries made me nervous, but I was desperate for change. I was as sure that this was what I needed to do as I was that everything I’d been doing was wrong for me.


Upon arriving in LA, I crashed with some friends and signed up for a bartending class, hoping to network my way into a job. At first, nothing happened. I got a gig at Macy’s and the pay was horrible. I was facing the reality that I might have to go home to my parents. Luckily, within a few months, I secured a bartending job at a wedding venue. Soon after I was asked to teach at the bartending school I’d trained at. 3 gigs became too much so I let Macy’s go and transitioned into the world of bartending full time. The money was consistent enough to live on, but inconsistent to the point that I was scraping the barrel to make rent each month.

Eventually I had to sit myself down and figure out if working multiple gigs was better than leaving LA. For me, the answer was yes. I was in love with LA and in love with working such a flexible career. I couldn’t fathom letting that go. That decision to stay no matter how hard things got made all the difference.

Now it’s 2017 and I am so thankful that I decided to cross the country in search of a passionate feeling! I have a dream job working in a restaurant: my coworkers are close friends, the pay is amazing, and I have enough free time to pursue my creative whims. I’ve learned that I may not be the type of person who has something I’m passionate about doing, but I have a lot I’m passionate about feeling and that’s enough to guide me to my happy place.

Thank you once again to Rose Marie for sharing her story! I really feel like this is an example of how following your gut instinct and choosing to lead an authentic life can feel tough at times, but when you are truly passionate about something, that underlying passion will keep you motivated when times are hard. And as Rose Marie’s story shows, things will come good if you keep persevering and trust your journey!

Have a great week guys!


Chrissy x



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