[Mindful Mondays #10] Following your passion despite fear and self-doubt with Leah, from The Grounded Tree

Happy Monday my lovely friends and also happy international day of happiness! Things have been a little hectic for me this week, as I am one week away from submitting my PhD thesis (eek!) but things are on track and I am so excited to be handing in soon.

As an aside, I have also been featured on the Women in Science blog this month and in that post I talk about how mindfulness and positivity have helped me to stay sane during my PhD, I’ll leave the link below if you’re interested to read it 🙂


Hello everyone, I am Lia the founder of The Grounded Tree blog. The Grounded Tree has a range of different topics, including lifestyle hacks such as how to deal with stress, to spiritual tips and even topics about mental health such as how to manage anxiety. So as you can see it has a wide range of topics but still manages to come under the umbrella of Lifestyle.

Its quite random how I got to where I am now with blogging. I started blogging because I had a lot of free time on my hands, I even used to ‘nap’ every minute of the day so the day could go faster. I used to google for months what hobbies are there to do or activities to do at home by yourself. I would endlessly search every day for new ideas and nothing ever caught my eye. So I decided to create a brain storm of ideas on things I like and came up with… notebooks ( I have a weird obsession with notebooks), writing, drinking wine ( am I the only one) and talking endlessly to anyone who would listen. Then BAM! I thought about blogging but then the fear monster in my head started creeping in and whispered that I really don’t like being open, especially to people I don’t know and I was scared that people would judge me (because to be honest, we want everyone to like us). I gave it a try and tried to be as discreet as possible about my personal life which let me tell you is a big NO NO, I also compared myself to all the big influential bloggers out there and felt really small in comparison to them. Another big thing that I struggled with, was that I did not know what to write. So I gave up. I didn’t blog for months until I had a firm talk with myself about fully committing to a something that will challenge me and since then the rest is history.


I love what I do because I love helping people and talking about my own personal experience, I know that sounds really cheesy but I do. I must have a ‘talk to me’ sign on my head because people love to interact me and tell me their personal stories and I love helping them out and seeing their faces beautifully change from feeling stress to feeling content and at peace. I also believe my love for people reflects in the studies that I am currently doing which is working with different vulnerable people to help express themselves through Drama.

I would not change the past for the world because it has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t be sharing my experiences with everyone. I can definitely say my growth has been challenging at times and boy have I struggled ,but knowing that I would turn into this beautiful grounded tree has made me, and hopefully made you, realise that you have to go through a bit of turbulence to become the best version of yourself.

I love Leah’s message about pushing through fear to create something beautiful that will help others. It’s not easy to get back into something after a long time, and it can take a lot of determination to get there but sometimes even making small, regular steps in the direction that we’d like to go in can help us to gain momentum and in Leah’s case, lead to the creation of insightful and helpful content 🙂

Until next week,

Chrissy x

For more information about The Grounded Tree:



Find my Women of Science post here:



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