[Mindful Mondays #6] – The benefits of challenging yourself with John Sennett, a charity and lifestyle blogger

This week’s guest is the lovely John, from the John’s road to volunteering blog. I first met John through a Twitter chat, and ever since I have been so impressed by his positivty and his kindness to others. When asked to write about what his passion is John instantly thought about the topic of challenging himself, and regular readers of this blog will know that I am all about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone! So, over to John…

When you define your life, what word would you use?

I like reflecting on my past to help me to see how far I’ve come, as if you’d ask me to go out of my comfort zone a few years ago, I would have laughed, closed the door and played a game of Hide and Seek.

That’s not the person I am today.


I like the unknown! Is that weird?

I believe the past is meant to be the past, but it can at times before the most powerful tool.

Life didn’t treat me well at first. I saw my days filled with self-doubt and hatred, yet I was happy with that. I used my hard times at school as a barrier, stopping me from living a fulfilling life.


The walls were up, and with my mind content with being unhappy, as that was the life I thought I was meant to live, I didn’t think twice.



I started to find confidence. Taking more steps outside, spending sunny days, exploring local towns and villages, realising life was meant to be lived, and the only that was going to happen was by taking myself out of my comfort zone.

I took time out to question what my life’s purpose was, what I was meant to do and I found volunteering. It was a match made in heaven the moment I gave time to others and it’s now my blog’s motto…

My life is now all about adventure. I look for the next challenge to take on. I don’t want to be the guy who hides away from the world, using video games as his prime excitement. I want my life to be the excitement.


I want to look out to the ocean knowing I have all the self-belief I need to jump out of a plane, to take on future projects and to test the water, seeing who I am as a person and not holding back.


I’m sat here smiling at this post, as I know that the journey you’re on has purpose, and that’s up to you to decide what will be part of it.

If you’re contemplating your life right now and feeling in a bit of a slump, go for a walk, put your headphones on and reflect on your life.

Figure out if that’s the kind of life you want and if it isn’t take a step to one side and walk the path leading you to the next stage of your journey.

A slump is there to test us. We can stay in the slump or we can use it to motivate our future. Which one would you choose?

You can find which one I choose over at www.johnsroadtovolunteering.com or by checking out what I’m up to on my Twitter.

A huge thank you to John for this thought provoking piece. I love the positivity of this message and I think it’s so important to remember that if we do find ourselves on a path that we don’t want to be on anymore, we can always change direction but the only person that can do this is ourselves.

Until next week,

Chrissy x


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