[Mindful Mondays #5] – Learning to choose health and happiness with Renae Napolion, Holistic Health and Life Coach

This week’s guest is the lovely Renae from Melbourne, Australia. I first came across Renae through her ‘ohsowellness’ Instagram page and I am always so inspired by her commitment to health. I especially love looking at the pictures of the beautiful healthy food she has made!

As health and wellness is something I’m always looking to improve on, I approached Renae to write a guest post to find out a little bit more about what it is that drives her passion. So a huge thank you to Renae, I am so inspired by your post, and I hope you guys will be too.

It is no secret that one of my biggest passions in life is holistic health and wellness and empowering others on their own wellness journeys. However, I haven’t always made looking after myself a priority, that’s for sure! When I was younger, it was not unusual to find me out at bars and clubs 4-5 nights a week. I would party ’til sunrise, sleep it off then do it all over again.

While I had fun, it was always short lived. On the outside it looked like I was having the time of my life, but on the inside I was feeling pretty lost and unhappy. I had no direction, no passion, no purpose and absolutely no sense of self. I fell in and out of depression and anxiety as well as a whole host of other health issues such as itchy eczema all over my body and irritable bowel syndrome and my immune system was pretty much non-existent.

I was exhausted and my body was screaming at me to slow down but I didn’t listen. I just kept doing what I was doing until I ended up in hospital years later. That’s when it really hit home that something had to change. Landing myself in the emergency department of hospital really kick started my passion for all things holistic health and wellness. I started to make small changes which led to big changes and I felt like a whole new person. My eczema improved, my IBS cleared up and my anxiety and depression started to fade away.
This new found passion for all things health and wellness lead me to study Health Coaching and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and then Life Coaching at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy – they both changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I healed my tortured relationship with food and let go of the deprivation diet mindset. I learnt to love my amazing body instead of hating on it all the time. All of this self-love stuff everyone was talking about started to actually make sense. Taking care of myself became a priority and I started living a life led by my intuition instead of my fear and it was a freakin’ game changer.

I have been there – wanting a better life for myself but not knowing how to change or where to start, knowing I need to look after my body but being so confused by all the conflicting health and wellness information out there, knowing I needed to love myself more but having absolutely no idea what that meant let alone where to start. It can be hard when you have no support. You can feel alone and overwhelmed but it doesn’t have to be that way!

That is why I wanted to start coaching. To help women create a life that lights them up from the inside out and live that life as the best version of themselves! I want women to know that we don’t have to conform to this ‘all or nothing’ approach to health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be about deprivation and restriction. It doesn’t have to feel so damn hard.

Sometimes our dark times can lead to us discovering our passion and this is exactly what happened to me. Going through all of my health struggles,both mentally and physically, helped me uncover my passion for all things health and wellness. It lead me to study and IIN and BYCA and become a Health and Life Coach with my very own online business! Some would say the dark times were a downside on the journey to finding my passion, and at the time it certainly did feel that way, however I’m now so grateful for those times as they led me to where I am today. I’m now studying Health Science at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter looks like and where my passion for health and wellness and helping others will take me!

Stuck on what your passion is? A great approach is writing down all the things that really light a fire in your belly, those things that really make you angry! Is it animal cruelty, gender diversity, politics, the current state of our environment? What REALLY grinds your gears? Chances are, that is where your passion lies.

In saying that, your passion doesn’t have to be life changing, as long as it lights you up and makes you feel good, that’s all that matters! Perhaps your passion is something as simple as dancing. That’s awesome! Make sure you carve out some time every week to attend a dance class or two! Make it a priority. No passion is too small. When you do more things that light you up, you show up in the world as the best version of yourself and in turn you can give the best of yourself to others. So get out there and do more of what makes you happy!

I feel so reassured to hear of Renae’s journey and to learn of her experience of finding the light during her dark time. I think that sometimes it is so easy to get bogged down in a negative experience, and in doing so things often spiral further. Renae has reminded me that choosing to follow the light is always a choice that is available to us!

One way to incorporate this thinking into your life is to listen to your gut instinct about whether something is making you feel good or not, if it is keep going…if it isn’t, or if it’s only temporarily making you feel good (i.e. things like alcohol or junk food) think about whether it is really how you want to feel.

Have a great week guys!


Chrissy x

Further info:

http://ohsowellness.com/– you’ll find lots of delicious recipes here (many are gluten free)

ohsowellness Instagram

ohsowellness Facebook

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey to discovering holistic health and wellness! I too had to go through tough times in order to discover my passion for holistic health and helping others. Of Relationship, Career, Fitness and Spirituality, what is your favorite topic to blog and help others on?

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