[Mindful Mondays #1]: Fashion, confidence and making it mindful with The Scientific Beauty

I am SO excited to introduce ‘Mindful Mondays’ to you all. I created this feature as a way to share the positive impact that pursuing a passion can have on your life. The reason that I am so personally passionate about this, is because pursuing my passion (i.e. mindfulness through this blog) has completely changed my mindset and life for the better.

The plan is to invite inspiring individuals to talk about their passions and how it has had a positive impact, in the hope that it might inspire others to follow their own interests. I am aiming to publish a new guest post every Monday.

So, first up I am delighted to have Sophie Powell from one of my favourite blogs, The Scientific Beauty talking about her love for fashion and how it helps her to face whatever the day may bring…

Hi I’m Sophie, I’m a Biochemistry PhD student based in Manchester UK. I have a beauty blog called thescientificbeauty.com where I review the latest beauty products and explain the science behind them! I was honoured to be asked to write a guest post on Making it Mindful; here is my post about my biggest passion…

Since I can remember fashion has always been one of my greatest passions in life. I love to dress up in clothes that make me feel a million dollars regardless of what the occasion or dress code dictates. I’m not one for following faddy trends, the kind that come and go in an instant, I much prefer to stick to more classic pieces which I can bring up to date with accessories or layers. Those who know me would probably say that I’m always overdressed and always in heels.

However, since starting my PhD journey I’ve found it more and more difficult to let my passion shine through. It’s hard to wear heels when you’re running around a lab for hours on end and timeless tuxedo jackets lose their effect under a lab coat (trust me, I’ve tried both!). And then there are days when the abyss of anxiety and Imposter Syndrome take over and suddenly I have no desire to wear anything other than drab jumpers I can hide in with scruffy hair and minimal makeup to make myself invisible to people who will find me out as the world’s worst scientist and kick me off the course…

There are a number of ways that I’ve been trying to combat my anxiety and boost my academic confidence, mindfulness being one of them (always grateful for the tips on Making it Mindful!) as well as trying to see the bigger picture. As dressing well has always made me feel confident and like my ‘proper’ self I have started using fashion as an escape and as my own form of mindfulness. Even when I’m feeling anxious and not at all bothered what I look like, taking the time in the morning to look through my wardrobe and pick out an outfit which I know that I would want to wear on a normal day helps me to feel more like myself. The right outfit can give me confidence and remind me that I am my own person who can deal with whatever comes my way in the day ahead.

I also find it can help to dress up as a ‘character’ – big experiment today? Red lipstick and a cashmere jumper for comfort and sass. Giving a presentation? Silk shirt and some classic tailored trousers are a must so people will believe I know what I’m talking about. Stressful meeting with my supervisor? Leather jacket and long black boots to help me feel more badass and able to stand up for myself. I’m not saying that looks are important or that people should dress a certain way, people can of course dress how they want and shouldn’t need to dress a certain way to fit in. In my own experience the way I dress in the morning determines my frame of mind for the rest of the day and the days when I feel the least like getting dressed up are the days that I need fashion the most.

Thanks again to Sophie for sharing how pursuing her passion helps to positively influence her life. I’d love to hear your feedback on the feature and if you have a passion and would like to be featured on Making it Mindful please get in touch as I am on the hunt for collaborators 🙂






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