A mindful Christmas gift guide

Christmas Day is coming up fast, and in case you haven’t got all of your gifts sorted (or if you’re like me and you haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet!) here are some mindful gift ideas that encourage positive experiences.

Positive experiences are more likely to lead to happiness than the gifting of possessions. This is because we get used to our possessions quickly and we often compare our possessions to those around us, and comparison can lead to low mood. So here are a few ideas for gifts to make someone’s life a little brighter…

All links below 🙂

  1. Happiness Planner Regular readers of my blog might remember how much I love the Happiness planner (if you didn’t catch my post you can read it here). This is a gift that someone can use for a long time after the Christmas tree has come down. It is great way to help focus on positive thinking and gratitude and the overall positive impact that it can have on wellbeing is worth every penny in my opinion.12887273_10156718923845284_1489499334_o
  2. An experienceThese days you can get vouchers or Groupons for all sorts… why not give somebody a voucher for a new experience? This could be anything from a beauty treatment, a class or a gig ticket. Spend money on making memories rather than spending money on cluttering up people’s space.
  3. Magazine subscriptionA magazine subscription can be a nice way to spread your gift over the year and encourage some me-time for the recipient. It’s one of my favourite times of the month when my Psychologies subscription pops through the door.13570105_10157116966920284_778052183_o
  4. Meditation subscriptionGive the gift of peace of mind this Christmas, by funding a loved one’s subscription to a meditation app. My personal favourite app is Calm, I love the 7 days of Calm series, and all of the guided meditations. It genuinely helps me to feel more in control and well, calm!
  5. A Buddy boxGive the gift of self-care by by giving someone a Blurt “buddy-box”. It’s a monthly delivery of thoughtful, mood-boosting treats that provide your loved one with a “hug in a box” – what more could you wish for!

I hope this list has given you some ideas for the festive season. I’d love to hear your favourite mindful Christmas presents or maybe you have some mindful gifts on your wishlist…get in touch and let me know! 🙂


Chrissy x

p.s I’m not sponsored by any of these companies to promote their products. I just genuinely love them.







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