Book review #7 – “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne 

The Power is the second book from Rhonda Byrne and follows on from the incredibly well known book The Secret. During The Secret, the author introduces us to the law of attraction, or the idea that anything we wish for can be ours if we believe that it can happen. I loved The Secret, so I was really excited to read The Power.

To make sure I had time to read it, I downloaded the book on my Audible app (get a 30 day free trial here) and listened to some each morning on my way to work. What I love about the power compared to the secret, is that it provides the reader with tips and advice on how to make the law of attraction work in your favour.

Early on in the book Rhonda Byrne explains that the way to live the life you have always dreamed of is through the power of love. I must admit when I first heard this I thought “oh here we go…” and started to wonder if listening to books like this made me a hippy. But I decided to persevere and I’m so glad I did.

Put simply the best way to change your life for the better is through thinking more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. Even having 51% positive thoughts will have a big impact. It sounds like it shouldn’t be too hard but I definitely found through being mindful about my thought patterns that I do a lot of worrying or getting cross with things that don’t even matter like a long queue in Starbucks.

So the way to change this is firstly through mindfulness. Notice your reactions. Notice how you are feeling and if you’re not feeling positive it’s time to switch it up! Byrne suggests listening to your favourite music, thinking of people you love, listing things you are grateful for….anything that will make you feel happier!

Through having positive thoughts and by being positive, in theory this will draw positive experiences and people to you. After a couple of weeks of really making an effort to be positive things started to happen to me like getting a tax return through when I was short of money (but I trusted that things would be ok), meetings and tasks in my job went really well and arrangements started falling into place for us moving house this week!

Rhonda Byrne says that these little “coincidences” happen every day, and we don’t link it to the fact we’ve been attracting positive things into our life. Likewise, when things go wrong it’s not often that I would stop and think maybe this is because of what I’ve been attracting with my negativity! But I’ve definitely heard of phrases like “it doesn’t rain it pours!” or that bad things happen in 3s, and they must come from somewhere right?! Maybe bad things keep happening because we get stuck in a negative frame of mind? This book has inspired me to try being positive and to try changing my response to a more positive outlook when things don’t go to plan.

You may be reading this thinking yeah ok whatever…you’re telling me I can attract whatever I want into my life by being positive ? But what I will say to you is give it a go, because you have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially a lot of happy experiences to gain…


Chrissy x

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