What taking 3 long haul flights in 2 weeks taught me about fear

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that flying is not my favourite activity. But earlier this year, I really felt I had turned a corner with regards to my fear of flying (you can read about my experience here).

So when we planned a trip of a lifetime to America for our honeymoon that involved a 10 hour flight to Las Vegas (a drive to LA and then on to San Francisco) a 5 and a half hour overnight flight to New York and a 7 hour flight back to Manchester, I was admittedly apprehensive about the amount of flying that we had to do (but ridiculously excited about the prospect of visiting America too of course).

Although I got a little bit more and more anxious as the time to leave approached, the flights themselves were on the whole, fine. I did get a bit worked up on the one to New York but that was more to do with me being overtired than anything to do with the flight! I still wouldn’t say that I particularly like flying, but my 3 long haul flights did teach me some pretty important lessons about dealing with fear:

  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway

    I’ve spoken about this mantra before here, but I’m going to speak about it again now because it seriously impacts on my life.When I touched down in Vegas, I was absolutely euphoric. I just could not believe that I’d done it, that I’d faced my fears and that I was stood on American soil. Plus, there is usually a reward for facing your fears, normally in the form of a large amount of satisfaction or sometimes, as in my case, the chance to see Britney Spears in Vegas all because I’d felt the fear of flying but got on a plane anyway.
  2. There are great things to be seen outside of your comfort zone
    Not doing something because you’re scared can sometimes be due to the false sense of security that comes from staying within your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is comfortable because you are within it most days. But really, there is risk in everything we do. Why not take the risk and potentially experience something incredible. If something goes wrong, trust that you will be able to handle it!
  3. Knowledge is power
    In an attempt to calm my nerves about flying I researched how to deal with a fear of flying. I found that on average people are scared of turbulence as opposed to actually flying. One of the tips that came up again and again was to research what turbulence actually is so that if or when it occurs you can understand what is actually happening, rather than letting fear of the unknown take over. I downloaded an app called Turbcast that was amazing for providing tailored information about the turbulence expected during my flights.

    4. Be prepared

    Determined not to have a bad flight home, I made sure to meditate in JFK airport. We had the worst turbulence we’d experienced during the trip on the flight home, but I remained calm and in the moment. Completely different to how I’d been on our second flight! I’m determined that for any flight I take now meditation beforehand is a must!

Although flying is still not my favourite activity, I feel so happy that I didn’t let fear hold me back. Every second of fear was worth it  đź™‚ I love hearing from you so please do comment or find me on Twitter, Instagram or Instagram.




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