Why I’m choosing to do September a little differently this year…

I’m currently sat writing this blog as a jet lagged Brit in America…eight nights in and my sleep is still haywire. But I’ve found there’s something quite peaceful about waking up in the very early hours so I’m embracing being awake and I thought I’d use the time to write a blog rather than watch hours on end of Netflix!

I absolutely love this time of year with the nights drawing in, the new Autumn clothes starting to appear in shops and the excuse to get cosy every single day – what’s not to like? I especially love the month of September. For me, this month always feels like a fresh start. Granted it’s probably because I am still studying (so it really is the start of a new school year!) but September always gives me a feeling of turning a new page and leaves me feeling energised.

But this September rather than stocking up on new stationary and writing my goal list for the upcoming year, I’ve done something different and boderline out of character for me – I’ve gone on holiday.

Now to many that might not sound like a big deal, but for me the thought of not being able to make progress with my work for two and a bit weeks makes me feel uneasy. I’m sure many of you might recognise the guilt when your mind kindly reminds you that you should really be doing something else “more important”than taking time to relax. I know that this is something that many people suffer with, including one of my idols Marie Forleo who talks about the struggle to take a break.

Well, this September I have chosen to graciously ignore the feelings of guilt, because I know deep down that taking time off to relax and reflect is absolutely crucial for success both in and out of work

Purposefully taking a break during a month where I am usually raring to go with work has been an interesting experience. It has felt empowering to knowingly and purposefully prioritise taking a break over working. It’s provided the chance to take a step back, get out of my comfort zone and to learn new things.

I have also found that having a trip to look forward to resulted in me being more productive during the time running up to our holiday – a win-win situation! So what going away in September has taught me is that those feelings of “you don’t have time to take a break” aren’t necessarily true. Work is important, but so is taking the time to make new memories and to live life outside of the office. 




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