When you want to be mindful but you don’t want to meditate…

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know that I am a big fan of mediation, but I speak to a fair few people who feel that meditation just doesn’t sound like their cup of tea. I would urge you to give it a try if you haven’t already (I wrote about why I think this here). Although meditation is a really good way of helping us to become more mindful, there are sometimes where you are just not feeling it. But there are actually loads of other things you can do that can help you to be “in the now”. 

I’ve picked some of my favourites below:

1. Go to the cinema – one of the things I love most about the cinema is that you are there to focus on one thing. No phones, no lights, and no talking to distract you (hopefully!) making it easy to be in the moment and think about nothing else. I love nothing more than watching a good film, and coming out of the cinema feeling like time had stopped for those few hours.

2. Cook! – cooking from scratch is a brilliant way to bring some mindfulness into your day. The act of preparing food obviously requires concentration and eating a meal you’ve spent time on rather than one you have just popped in the microwave should be more satisfying. 

3. Dance – I absolutely love dancing and Ollie and I are always the first on the dance floor at parties! Dancing is great for keeping you in the moment because for one you have to concentrate on the beat to be any good! Plus, dancing is a definite mood booster and you don’t even need to leave the house. Everyone knows kitchen discos are the best discos!

4. Swim – swimming is so good for keeping you present. I know personally the last time I went it was so nice to just focus on the rhythm. I found it really relaxing and quite similar to meditation in the sense that you have to focus on your breath. 

5. Get creative – there is a reason that colouring books for adults have become so poplar these past few years and that’s because it is really good for keeping your attention in the now. But if colouring isn’t for you there are loads of other things you can do! I really got into cross-stitch at one point and it definitely helped to chill me out, even if I was rubbish!

6. Go outside – I’m very lucky to come from North Wales, and every time I go home I get to escape the busyness of the city for the sea and greenery! I always feel so much better for getting out in the open, I definitely feel like it clears the mind. Just standing on the beach, sand between your toes, wind in your hair and listening to the sea just focusing on breathing in the sea air – perfect! For anyone looking for somewhere in Manchester, I love Whitworth park in the summer 🙂 

What are your favourite things to keep you present when you don’t feel like meditating? I’d love to hear from you! Tweet me @makingitmindful


Chrissy x 



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