Dealing with uncertainty 

Not knowing what’s going to happen in the future can leave us feeling uncomfortable and anxious. Likewise, dealing with change, or simply the idea of change can be enough to leave us feeling unsettled.

But when the future is uncertain, it is only natural to wonder what will happen next in your life. Some people find times of uncertainty exciting and as a chance to change things for the better in their lives. For some however, uncertainty can lead to feelings of worry and doubt.

Although uncertainty and change can feel unsettling there are some practices that can help to get you through.

  1. Make a pros and cons list – with a twist: list of all the positive things about your situation and all of the negative things about your situation. Let every single thought about what you’re going through be noted down. Then, take the time to try and find the positive side to each of the negative things. It can be hard to do at first, but persevere and I can guarantee you will feel a bit better.
  2. Make a plan: one of the hardest things about times of uncertainty can be the feeling that you have no control over what is happening to you. So one thing that might help could be to try and control what you can. Even better, maybe take this as a chance to make sure that you are looking after yourself so plans like, drinking 2L of water a day or making sure to get to bed at a reasonable time during the week…not only will you feel more in control you might just feel healthier for it.
  3. Be present: I know for me the worst thing about feeling uncertain is the fear that things won’t work out. One thing that has really helped me personally when I find myself asking”will I be ok?” is to change the question to “am I ok now?” Of course, I might not be feeling great right at that second, so I look for evidence that I’m ok. Evidence includes things that I sometimes take for granted like my heart is still beating, my lungs are still breathing, I have food in my tummy, and the love of my husband and family and the list goes on. Going through my list of evidence helps to calm me down and also gives me a boost to carry on going when times get tough.
  4. Meditate: Meditation is not only a brilliant way to stay in the present moment, but it can also be a useful tool for helping us to learn to “sit with” our uncomfortable feelings. Feeling uncertain, feeling scared let’s face it, is not pleasant. Sometimes this can lead to behaviours that try to get rid of that feeling temporarily such as overeating or drinking. But all that does is delay the feeling for a little while, whereas meditation helps us to acknowledge the feelings and to almost “make peace” with it which can allow us to deal with uncertainty in a calm and considered way.

I hope that you might have found these tips useful and if so I would love if you could share it with your friends and loved ones. Times of uncertainty can be so hard sometimes, but ultimately these feelings will pass and you will work through it one way or another.


Chrissy x


2 responses to “Dealing with uncertainty 

    • Me too! Love having a plan and used to worry about the future so much! Making more of an effort to be mindful has really helpful! x


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