January blues taking hold?

I write this as we are almost half way through what can sometimes feel like the longest month of the year. January brings with it for some, four weeks of restrictions – no alcohol, no sugar, no carbs, no going out and so on. Even if you aren’t cutting down on anything, the stark contrast between the bright lights and overindulgence of December can easily leave any of us feeling a little blue.

This year I have decided to put some effort into embracing January. Although for many of us, myself included, January means back to work – but in other ways (such as socialising!) I feel like the pressure is off and that this is a perfect time to concentrate on well-being and mindfulness. I’m hoping that this will help January pass by pleasantly!

Here are some of the things that I am trialing out and hoping to try over the next couple of weeks:

– meditating for ten minutes everyday. I like to use an app called Calm, which has lots of different guided practices which I love. (Find out more about why I love meditation here).

– keeping a ‘gratitude diary’. Rather than focus on things that I don’t have I’m trying to concentrate on things I do have. I’m aiming to write 3 things a day that I’m grateful for. It can include anything I’m  grateful for, things like having a roof over my head, food in my tummy, something nice someone said to me that day…anything! Why not give it a go? I promise it will make you feel more positive.

– taking time to relax through taking a bubble bath or reading a book. I’m trying to make sure that I read ten pages of a book of any sort everyday as I am determined to read more this year!

– brightening up our little flat with flowers when I can. Spring can feel far away during cold, dark January so having flowers around makes me smile. Here is Bab the cat showing off some of our flowers.

– I’m also trying to learn something new on my walk to work through listening to podcasts. My favourites at the moment are by Liz Gilbert ‘Magic Lessons’ and Jess Lively ‘The Lively Show’.

I’m not doing all of these everyday, of course but as often as I can. If any of you have more ideas or tips for brightening up January I’d love to hear them. Comment below or tweet me at @makingitmindful.


Chrissy x


2 responses to “January blues taking hold?

  1. There are some interesting ideas here, I’m going to give the app you mentioned a go and see how I get on. I definitely struggle waking up in the morning and could do with my morning routine being less rushed/hectic hehe.



    • Ooh yes let me know how you get on!! When I’ve managed to wake up earlier I feel so much more focused all day 🙂
      Chrissy x


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